Mobile Strike Hack Paid Version

Mobile Strike Hack Paid Version

Generate unlimited amounts of free Gold in the mobile strike multiplayer strategy game by using the Mobile Strike Hack Paid Version. The convenient Mobile Strike Hack Tool can be used directly from your browser, whether you’re on a phone, tablet or PC.

If you’re worried that it’s hard to hack Mobile Strike then don’t worry because with our browser based Mobile Strike Cheat it becomes a walk in the park! With the clean user interface of the generator you can get the amount of Gold you want in just a few minutes. Imagine how jealous your friends will be!

There is no need to download anything, get cheat codes or hack APK files because our Gold Hack is browser based. When the servers are under heavy load and human verification is activated there might be a need to complete a quick, free offer. However, if nothing suspicious is going on and the server is stable, there is no survey for the Mobile Strike Hack.

Mobile Strike Cheats Features

  • No download thus no risk of catching spyware or viruses on your phone, tablet or PC.
  • Clean user interface, use the Mobile Strike Cheats directly from your browser!
  • Add any amount of Gold daily (but please keep if “fair”).
  • The Mobile Strike Hack tool uses a 256-bit encryption algorithm over secure proxies for 100% anti detection.
  • Free to use. We’ll never charge any money for Mobile Strike Hack access.

How to Use the Mobile Strike Hack Tool

  1. Click or tap on one of the big orange “Go To Hack” buttons on this page in order to go to the online cheat interface.
  2. Enter your in-game Mobile Strike username and hit the Connect button.
  3. Enter the amount of Gold that you want to add to your account.
  4. Press the Add to Account button and sit tight as the cheats work…
  5. (Optional) Sometimes, especially during weekends etc. the servers might be overloaded. When that’s the case there might be a need for human verification. Complete a quick offer or download a free app.
  6. Enjoy your free Gold and have fun!


About Online Strategy Game Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike is a Massive Multiplayer Online Strategy game from the developers of Game of War, and is available on iOS and Android devices. It is a Military Strategy game of modern war that lets players build and control all aspects of their base, training and fighting their troops with enemies on the battlefield in the process. Mobile Strike is free-to-play, allowing players do battle against players from all over the world for the Head of State title. But like most mobile games today, it’s heavily monetized by in-app purchases which can make the game frustrating for those who don’t want to or can’t spend money on the game. Thankfully the Gold Hack that’s part of the Mobile Strike Cheats solves this!

The Mobile Strike Basics

The game begins by putting you straight on the map, and introduces a female who begins a guided tutorial. You are the Commander of the base, and are given a wealth of tasks instantly that will help you build a base and climb the ranking boards. The player is shown how to build a farm, quarry, oil well, and research facility, and shown how to upgrade these, the Headquarters, and defensive Wall that are already built. There are a lot of tiles around your base, and the game does not restrict you to one ‘type’ of each. Having more than one training ground, for example, will allow you to train more troops. What the player prioritizes is up to them, but it is important to fill these tiles and level them up as often as possible. The best way to increase your base’s Power (found at the top of the screen) is to upgrade your HQ as often as possible.

The Research Facility is a great feature of the game, allowing players to research Economics, Combat, Traps, and Commander. The improvements and benefits that these have within each are many, and this level of choice and depth allows players to customize their progression in the game. Researching Traps allows the player to acquire Barbed Wire, Electric Fences, and Land Mines to protect their Wall and upgrade their defenses from potential attacks.

The player is shown how to use the store to buy powerful items, and shown what to do with unused items that are already in their possession. The ‘Missions’ tab is introduced and it quickly becomes clear that the player will never be short of things to do in Mobile Strike. Recommended missions procure items for your base and yield generous rewards, and new players should aim to rank and complete as many of these as possible. Basic training finishes there and the player is given a 24-hour Peace Shield protection, to build their base without the pressures of impending attack.

Advancing in the Game

When completing recommended missions, the player’s character will level up along with the base’s Power. There is a Commander Skill Tree that offers boosts for your base, and a Rebel Target Skill Tree that promises to boost your Commander’s energy efficiency and attack strength in Rebel Target combat. Though the benefits of assigning these skill points is unclear early on in Mobile Strike, they become important later in the game when in combat. These can be assigned to suit the player’s playstyle and preferences, adding an extra level of customizability to the game. Of course, using the Mobile Strike Cheats to get free Gold is a good method to advance faster when the game gets slow.

Alliances Are (Almost) Just as Important as Free Gold

It is suggested that joining an Alliance is extremely important in the game. Joining is easy, and the player needs to choose from a list of possible Alliances. Benefits of these include earning gifts, extra missions, and bonus gold. The player will also be able to attack Rebel Targets, gain funds and loyalty that can be used to buy items, and speed up construction, troop healing, and research. The more you collaborate with your Alliance, the better. Coordinating with other players and fighting enemies together is one of Mobile Strike’s strengths. The speed assists that the player can gain from being in an Alliance are essential also, especially if the player is not willing to spend any of their own money or doesn’t use our Mobile Strike Cheats. In our opinion the Free Gold that you can gain from using the Mobile Strike Hack is an even bigger advantage than being in an alliance. It even makes it possible to be great on your own. Back to topic, challenges can also be completed together with your Alliance that give the player rewards to use in the building of their base. There are also Daily and VIP missions, and doing all of these together will reap the greatest amount of rewards.

As the game progresses and recommended missions are prioritized, the player will find themselves leveling up each resource consistently; training troops and maxing out defenses ready for battle that comes later in the game. The player can also scout the map to find resource tiles to gain extra resources and discover materials that can be used in the Armory to make weapons and armor. This is an important and exciting part of the game, as troops sent to gather resources can be attacked by enemy forces before they are able to bring anything back to base. Choosing high-level tiles is recommended, as these drain faster and give your troops a better chance of making it back in one piece.

Your Decision: Spend Money or Use the Mobile Strike Hack

Mobile Strike is free to play, but it becomes clear early in the game that spending some of your own money will greatly improve progression and your chances of survival. The game is not shy about this, with prices popping up for deals on gold often. If the player wants speed up boosts for the many timers that the game issues (on building, training, research, etc.) then these can be bought with the player’s own cash. Despite this, the game can be played without spending any money. Timers run when the game has been closed, and players can just wait for these to run down. Of course, this will make game progression a lot slower, and those who are spending money will inevitably race ahead. Joining an Alliance and connecting Mobile Strike to Facebook are two ways that the game allows the players to make extra gold for free, but these alternatives are few.

Wrapping It Up: Mobile Strike & Cheats

Game of War players will find Mobile Strike a modern, fun, and new approach to the Strategy game by the same developers. Being a Military Strategy game, fans of that genre will inevitably want to try it out, and there is a How to Play section with a multitude of explanations for various parts of the game for those who are new to the genre or that find the learning curve a little too steep. The rapid progression at the beginning of the game feels a little pointless, as there is no allusion to what will happen later in the game, but there is always a Challenge or Mission to keep the player busy until those later stages. Coordinating with your Alliance is a satisfying strength of the game, but those who do not wish to spend their own money and don’t know about the Mobile Strike Cheats by Hack Tiger may find the game too much of a slow burner. But you are now no longer one of them, so give the Mobile Strike Hack a go and get Free Gold!


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